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Lena is the Balm

Lip Embellishment
In stock
Product Details

What it is: A signature lip embellishment curated with Lena Horne in mind, meet Lena is the Balm.

An elegant and wonderfully comfortable formula enriched with moisture, creaminess and a supremely melting effect give a lovely feeling of hydration and protection that is retained for hours. A perfectly balanced lightweight balm formula with a smooth satin like flawless texture lip embellishment. This lip balm offers seamless application all day, a symbol of sophistication!

  • Colour: Hydrating transparent clear balm
  • Highlights: Hydration, vitamin E
  • Directions: Evenly apply it to both lips, gently wipe your mouth inward.
  • Size: 3 mL/ 0.105 oz.

Return Policy - No Returns, Exchanges or Refunds will be accepted on any purchase.

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